Twin Cultures Separated by Centuries

by Andrew B. Spurgeon

Andrew B. Spurgeon works directly from the Greek text of 1 Corinthians in a study of reverse-contextualization, highlighting the commonalities between the contexts of Corinthian and Indian cultures and applying the epistle’s principles to Indian Christians today.

In this unique commentary, Spurgeon first presents Indian similarities to those in Corinth, moves on to biblical principles the Apostle Paul raises for the Corinthian church’s attention–especially where culture was in conflict with biblical standards–and finally reapplies these principles to the context of life in twenty-first century India.

This is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to study 1 Corinthians, showing that God’s Word is not only true, but is just as relevant centuries later as when it was written.


About the Author

ANDREW B. SPURGEON is a professor of New Testament Studies and holds a PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary, USA. He teaches as a visiting professor in India, Philippines, Nepal, and Singapore. He is the author of 1 Corinthians (Primalogue, 2012), Romans (ATA, 2013), and editor of Leitourgia (Primalogue, 2015), as well as Chairman of Publications for the Asia Theological Association. He and his wife Lori live and travel throughout Asia and have three sons.

Book Information

  • Author: Andrew B. Spurgeon
  • ISBN: 9781783681181
  • Category: Global Perspectives
  • Region: India
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 08/14/2016
  • Number of Pages: 320



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