Predictive Factors for Transformative Learning within ACTEA-Related Theological Institutions in Ethiopia

by Alemseged K. Alemu

While most studies on the nature of transformative learning have been conducted from a Western perspective, Dr. Alemseged K. Alemu explores the concept within an African context. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, he assesses the components of transformative learning as identified by students and faculty at five theological institutions in Ethiopia. His study sheds light on effective educational practices within higher-level institutions, identifying four factors associated with holistic transformation and the role instructional strategy and interpersonal relationships play in fostering those elements.

This is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to cultivate an educational culture that does more than simply transmit information but rather shapes leaders, transforms lives, and empowers men and women to go forth and be like Christ.


About the Author

ALEMSEGED K. ALEMU has an EdD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, North Carolina, USA. He is head of graduate studies at Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he has also served as an instructor, academic dean, and dean of students.

Book Information

  • Author: Alemseged K. Alemu
  • ISBN: 9781839732089
  • Category: Global Perspectives, Academic
  • Region: Africa
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 01/31/2022
  • Number of Pages: 216


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