The Future of Humanity

by Murray Robertson

The thought of preaching or teaching on the book of Revelation can be extremely daunting. Compared to the straightforward narrative of the Gospels or the New Testament letters, Revelation seems confusing to understand and difficult or even impossible to apply to a particular situation. As a result of these challenges many preachers are reluctant to engage with Revelation and overlook some of the powerful messages of hope found within, especially for those facing trials and persecution for their faith.

In this book, Murray Robertson breaks down Revelation 4 to 22 so that the concept, context, tone and contemporary message can be fully realized by those reading and preaching this apocalyptic text. Containing questions for discussion at the end of every chapter and a few sample sermon outlines, this is a very practical handbook for anyone committed to authentic biblical preaching.


About the Author

MURRAY ROBERTSON was the pastor of Spreydon Baptist Church in Christchurch, New Zealand for 40 years. Together with his wife Marj they saw a struggling congregation grow to a church with a strong commitment to Biblical preaching, spiritual renewal and mission both at home and globally.

Book Information

  • Author: Murray Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781907713835
  • Category: Theology
  • Region:
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 06/14/2015
  • Number of Pages: 152



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