Islam on Trial

by Chawkat Moucarry

In an age of increased globalization, Islam has found itself in crisis. Extremism, secularization, and ever-increasing encounters with the Christian gospel have raised fundamental questions about the nature of Islam, its development and the future of its relationship with the West.

Islam on Trial addresses these questions while avoiding the pitfalls of either hostility or naivety. As an Arab Christian from the Middle East, Dr. Chawkat Moucarry has spent his life engaging with Islam both personally and academically. In this book, he provides non-Muslims with a foundation for understanding Muslim faith and practice, while offering insight into the complex relationship between Islam, culture, and politics. The author addresses key controversial theological issues and highlights shared common ground between Christianity and Islam. He challenges members of both religions to engage in genuine dialogue, built on mutual understanding and respect, and to work together for the common good of their societies.


About the Author

CHAWKAT MOUCARRY was born and grew up in a Catholic home in Aleppo, Syria. He has an MA in Christian theology and a PhD in Islamics from Sorbonne University, Paris. He served for twelve years in France with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. In the UK, he taught Islamic and Middle-Eastern studies for twelve years at All Nations Christian College, Ware, England, and for over a decade he worked for World Vision International as director of interfaith relations. He is the author of several books including Faith to Faith: Islam and Christianity in Dialogue (IVP, 2001) and The Search for Forgiveness: Pardon and Punishment in Islam and Christianity (IVP, 2004).

Book Information

  • Author: Chawkat Moucarry
  • ISBN: 9781839735813
  • Category: Christian Living, Theology, Global Perspectives
  • Region: Middle East
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 03/31/2022
  • Number of Pages: 236


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