Cultural Integration and the Gospel in Vietnamese Mission Theology


Postcolonial Vietnam has an urgent need for contextualized theology of mission, God, Christ, and the church that is rooted in indigenous cultural traditions and the dual Vietnamese spirit of resistance and assimilation. Dr KimSon Nguyen navigates the religio-cultural dimensions of Vietnamese spirituality and Daoism that have hindered the assimilation of the Christian faith in the Vietnamese context and explores a fresh approach to missiology in Vietnam.

Dr Nguyen draws upon his deep knowledge of Vietnamese evangelical history to analyze contextualization and mission theology in Vietnam. He proposes an evangelical theology of God as Ðạo (way / 道), the centrality of the Vietnamese home as the “house of the Lord,” and ancestor veneration as a theological framework for an indigenous theology of the family. Narrowing the gap between culturally removed evangelical missionary practice and widespread syncretistic spirituality in Vietnam, Nguyen calls for a paradigm shift in Vietnamese mission theology that is both robustly evangelical and authentically Vietnamese.

About the Author

KIMSON NGUYEN earned his PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA. He is an ordained minister and has served the church in mission, pastoring, and church planting in Vietnam and the USA. He currently works with AsiaCMS to advocate a catalytic missiological training for the church in the context of Asia as well as collaborating missional services among churches in the Southeast Asia region.

Book Information


ISBN: 9781783687381

Category: Academic, Global Missions, Theology

Region: Asia

Publishing Date: 2019-11-14

Number of pages: 302

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