Taking Up the Mantle

by J. Daniel Salinas

In “Taking Up the Mantle” Dr. Daniel Salinas helps the reader understand the development of Latin American evangelical theological thought over the past hundred years. Salinas challenges new generations to pick up the task of contextually living out the biblical message, learning from the example of the godly men and women that came before them. History is full of faithful servants who read their Bibles and their surroundings to communicate the message for the church and the world, and this ‘double listening’, as John Stott referred to it, is required today. From the Panama Congress of 1916 to the end of the millennium, this book introduces us to figures from the Latin American church and encourages us to continue their legacy today.


About the Author

J. DANIEL SALINAS has a PhD in Historical Theology from Trinity International University, Illinois, USA. He has served in IFES student ministry in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay and has been a lecturer in many other Latin American countries. Currently he is the International Partnership Coordinator for the Theological Education Initiative, a programme of United World Mission. Born in Bogota, Colombia, and raised in an evangelical home, Daniel is married to Gayna and they have three children.

Book Information

  • Author: J. Daniel Salinas
  • ISBN: 9781783682065
  • Category: Theology
  • Region: Latin America
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 01/14/2017
  • Number of Pages: 216



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