Salvation Belongs to Our God

by Christopher J. H. Wright

Christopher Wright uses this verse as a lens through which he surveys the Bible’s teaching on ‘salvation’. Every phrase in the verse resonates with significant themes in the Old and New Testaments, all of which combine to show that the Bible tells the story of God’s salvation very broadly indeed, in relation to the character and purposes of God, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the redemption of all creation, the joy of Christian experience and the responsibility of Christian mission.

This clear, deep and warm-hearted exposition enriches our grasp of the Bible’s multi-faceted teaching about salvation.


About the Author

CHRISTOPHER J. H. WRIGHT is International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership. He was formerly Principal of All Nations Christian College, Ware, UK, after he taught at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India. His books include Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, The Mission of God, Knowing God – The Trilogy, The Mission of God’s People and several commentaries in The Bible Speaks Today series.

Book Information

  • Author: Christopher J. H. Wright
  • ISBN: 9781907713071
  • Category: Christian Living, Global Missions
  • Region:
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 05/14/2013
  • Number of Pages: 178



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