Making Disciples in Africa

by Jack Pryor Chalk

With two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa professing to be Christian it should be a concern to all Christians that the biblical worldview has had little impact on the shaping of contemporary African culture. In this book Jack Chalk analyses the belief systems of the worldviews that are based on Christianity and African Traditional Religion.


About the Author

JACK CHALK worked as a Certified Public Accountant in Florida, USA for 25 years before being called to full-time missions. He, with his wife, Ann, has served in Mexico, Sierra Leone, and Scotland, and is now pastor of a new church plant in Córdoba, Spain. During his six years in Sierra Leone he served as Dean of Students, Chaplain and Senior Lecturer in Theology, Apologetics, Anthropology and Missions. He holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of South Africa.

Book Information

  • Author: Jack Pryor Chalk
  • ISBN: 9781907713712
  • Category: Global Missions, Global Perspectives
  • Region: Africa
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 08/14/2013
  • Number of Pages: 208



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