Development of Chinese Church Leaders

by Otto Lui

Confucianism and its influence on culture in East Asia has profoundly impacted Chinese churches and the development of their leaders. As a cultural force it continues to affect the perceptions and practices of Chinese pastors and how they lead. This work seeks to build an indigenous approach to developing church leaders by understanding the theoretical, and the situational foundations, of relational leadership from both cultural and biblical perspectives. The research is further enriched through case studies and interviews observing the practices of leadership in contemporary Chinese churches.


About the Author

OTTO LUI is the Associate General Secretary of Christian Communications Ltd. (CCL). He holds a MDiv from Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong and a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA. He has been involved in ministry within China since 1995 and continues his work in developing church leaders in both Hong Kong and mainland China. Otto currently lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two daughters.

Book Information

  • Author: Otto Lui
  • ISBN: 9781907713460
  • Category: Global Perspectives, Academic
  • Region: Asia, World
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 06/14/2013
  • Number of Pages: 346



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