Translating Nephesh in the Psalms into Chinese


This interdisciplinary study tackles the controversy of translating nephesh ( נפֶֶשׁ ) by using an intergenerational translation team to deepen our understanding of this term and providing a more valuable translation in Chinese, especially for use in specialist Children’s Bibles. This book provides important lessons for the many translation projects working towards Children’s Bibles but also for how translation of biblical terms can be better reached through this intergenerational process.

About the Author

HUI ER YU gained her PhD from the South African Theological Seminary, Sandton, South Africa, in 2017. She emigrated from her native country, Taiwan, to pursue theological education and currently works as the Children’s Ministry Director at North York Christian Community Church, Toronto, Canada and has been involved in children’s ministry for over sixteen years. Hui Er Yu was a recipient of the Frederick Buechner Award for excellence in writing (2017).

Book Information


ISBN: 9781783684694

Category: Academic

Region: Asia, World

Publishing Date: 2018-08-31

Number of pages: 442


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