Transitioning from a Theological College to a Christian University

by Semeon Mulatu

The decision for ministerial training institutions to become broader educational institutions is not unique to a specific geographical context. While there are many examples of notable institutions making this transition in North America and Europe, little reflection has been carried out in the global south. The study explores the motivations of educational leaders in pursuing such a transition, as well as the impact it has had or will have on the continued theological education and Christian mission of the institution.


About the Author

SEMEON MULATU has a PhD in Leadership from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA. He is Principal at Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the second time, and has also been Assistant Principal, Dean of Students and a Lecturer. He has been involved in theological education for nearly twenty-five years but his background was originally in Mathematics. Semeon is also currently Chairman of the Elders Board at Mekanissa Kale Heywot Church.

Book Information

  • Author: Semeon Mulatu
  • ISBN: 9781783683185
  • Category: Academic
  • Region: Africa, World
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 10/14/2017
  • Number of Pages: 238



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