Towards Vital Wholeness in Theological Education

by Jessy Jaison

Critics are increasingly bringing attention to the flaws of theological education. This examination of the issue of holistic practices in theological schools provides sage and doable solutions where others have only observed systemic gaps. Jaison dissects issues, diagnoses symptoms and prescribes the way forward to stronger leaders practising ministry.


About the Author

JESSY JAISON has been a theological educator and academic administrator in India for twenty-five years. She gained her Master of Theology from the University of Oxford and Doctor of Philosophy from Queen’s University, Belfast, with focused academic interests in Practical Theology and Qualitative Research. She is the Director of Research and Advancement at New India Bible Seminary (NIBS), Paipad, Kerala. Serving churches and theology schools as a speaker, writer and consultant, Jessy resides in Kerala with her husband, Dr Jaison Thomas (Principal, NIBS), and two sons, Abraham and Aquil.

Book Information

  • Author: Jessy Jaison
  • ISBN: 9781783682935
  • Category: Academic
  • Region: World
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 08/14/2017
  • Number of Pages: 232



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