The Beasts, the Graves, and the Ghosts


At the heart of the gospel is the message of the incarnation: God translating himself into the context of human culture and language so we might know him. Far from coming to an end with Christ’s life on earth, this process of contextualization is ongoing, reoccurring every time the gospel encounters the particularities of society and culture.

In this book, Hann Tzuu Tan explores the significance of contextualized preaching within the Chinese context. Against the backdrop of three major festivals – the Spring Festival, the Qing Ming Festival, and the Hungry Ghost Festival – Tan examines the practices of six experienced Chinese preachers in order to demonstrate the theological and practical importance of contextualized preaching. As a result of his research, Tan suggests six main principles for contextual preaching – principles that are rooted within a Chinese context, yet applicable to anyone seeking to express the gospel’s relevance within a particular cultural setting. Combining insights from biblical studies, applied theology, and ethnography, this interdisciplinary study will enrich one’s understanding of Chinese culture, the gospel, and the important and necessary work of contextualization.

About the Author

HANN TZUU JOEY TAN earned his PhD in homiletics from the University of Wales through Spurgeon’s College, UK, and his EdD in Higher Education from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA. He is a Research Scholar of Malaysia Bible Seminary, Malaysia seconded to The Media Evangelism, Hong Kong, serving as the ministry’s senior pastor and hosts Smart Christian, a Hong Kong television program. His publications include The Chinese Way: Contextualizing the Gospel for the Chinese, three books in Chinese, and approximately one hundred articles in various Chinese journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781783687893

Category: Academic, Global Perspectives

Region: Asia

Publishing Date: 2020-05-31

Number of pages: 418

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