Paul’s Viewpoint on God, Israel, and the Gentiles in Romans 9–11


Over the years Romans 9–11 has been investigated from a variety of approaches, with one of the most prominent being an intertextual reading. However, most discussions of intertextual studies on this section of Romans fail to adequately address Paul’s discourse patterns and that of his Jewish contemporaries with regard to God, Israel, and the Gentiles.

About the Author

XIAXIA E. XUE is an assistant professor of New Testament at China Graduate School of Theology. She holds a PhD in New Testament Studies from McMaster Divinity College, Canada and has published several academic articles. Her current interests are in New Testament Greek and Paul’s use of the Old Testament.

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ISBN: 9781783680474

Category: Academic

Region: World

Publishing Date: 2015-05-14

Number of pages: 320


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