Journey through the Storm

by Salim J. Munayer

From wars and ethnic strife to religious tensions and cultural misunderstandings, conflict is an ongoing reality in our world. Yet complacency and acceptance are not options for Christians called to forgiveness, transformation, and the holy work of loving our neighbors. Rather, we must choose the radical, demanding, and difficult work of reconciliation.

Journey through the Storm unpacks Musalaha’s thirty years of practical experience building bridges, healing division, and following Christ in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Composed of essays, curriculum excerpts, interviews, and real-life testimonies, this collection offers insight into the theory, theology, and application of Musalaha’s six stages of reconciliation. It is a powerful, hopeful, and deeply realistic look at the demands and rewards of transforming the “other” into a neighbor and an enemy into a friend.


About the Author

SALIM J. MUNAYER is executive director and founder of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, which has been bringing Israelis and Palestinians together since 1990 and creating a forum for reconciliation. Salim is a Palestinian-Israeli born in Lod, and received his BA from Tel Aviv University in History and Geography, his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his PhD from the Oxford Center of Mission Studies, UK. He also did graduate studies in New Testament at Pepperdine University. He has published books on reconciliation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Christians in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. His most recent work is Through My Enemy’s Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2014) co-authored with Lisa Loden. Salim served as academic dean and professor at Bethlehem Bible College from 1989 to 2008. He is adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Book Information

  • Author: Salim J. Munayer
  • ISBN: 9781839730238
  • Category: Theology, Global Perspectives, Academic
  • Region: Middle East
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 11/30/2020
  • Number of Pages: 210


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