Is It Working? Researching Context to Improve Curriculum

by Stuart Brooking

At the 2015 ICETE triennial international consultation institutional leaders from a diverse global background presented journeys of research in their own contexts in relation to theological education. These reports make up the chapters of this volume and provide new insights to actual ministry needs in society as well as how changes have been boldly made to educate students to minister in Christ’s name in a relevant way.


About the Author

STUART BROOKING is Executive Director of Overseas Council Australia, one of five organisations in the Overseas Council network dedicated to assisting the development of theological education in the Majority World. Stuart has degrees in five fields with doctoral studies in Theological Education from the University of Sydney, Australia. He also contributes to the training of women and men for gospel ministry in his own context, as Head of Department of Ministry and Practice at the Australian College of Theology in Sydney.

Book Information

  • Author: Stuart Brooking
  • ISBN: 9781783683338
  • Category: Academic
  • Region: World
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 07/31/2018
  • Number of Pages: 168



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