God With Us and Without Us, Volumes One and Two


God as Trinity is at the core of the mystery and otherness of the divine nature of God. It has also been a frequent barrier to those who hold to the Absolute Oneness of God. In this combined work Dr Imad Shehadeh demonstrates the inevitability of the Trinity by exposing the conflict that Absolute Oneness faced historically. Dr Shehadeh presents the beautiful logic of the Trinity and explains how the display of God’s attributes in creation derives from the self-sustaining relationships in his triune nature as Father, Spirit and Son. The book climaxes in revealing the transforming power of the Trinity when applied to life.

Followers of Christ will find their worship and love of God enhanced through the rich truths this book contains; followers of Islam will find confusion about the Triune God cleared up removing stumbling blocks to understanding the Bible’s message.

About the Author

IMAD N. SHEHADEH is President and Senior Professor of Theology of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, Amman, Jordan, which he founded in 1991. Dr Shehadeh earned his ThD from Dallas Theological Seminary, Texas, USA, and has carried out doctoral studies at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium, and the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has a wide-ranging preaching and teaching ministry including online and television series, and speaking at churches, seminaries and conferences. Dr Shehadeh has had several articles and books published in both English and Arabic.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781783687589

Category: Global Perspectives

Region: World

Publishing Date: 2020-09-30

Number of pages: 652

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