God of the Remnant

by Sunday Bobai Agang

Violence against ethnic minorities is a recurring theme in human history. The God of the Bible, however, is a God of the marginalized, the powerless, and the overlooked. To be a minority is to inhabit the heart of God’s story not its fringes.

In this book, Dr. Sunday Bobai Agang addresses the discrimination, oppression, and violence facing minorities in Africa and the church’s calling to stand against such injustice. Drawing upon covenantal theology and the biblical motif of a remnant, Agang explores God’s heart for those commonly devalued, silenced, excluded, and ignored. While our human societies are obsessed with power and might, God’s economy is one where the first are last and the weak confound the strong. This book is a powerful reminder of the source of true identity and the foundation for lasting peace and human flourishing.


About the Author

Sunday Bobai Agang is the Academic Dean of one of Africa’s premier theological seminaries, ECWA Theological Seminary Jos (JETS). Sunday holds a BA (JETS), M.Div (Palmer Theological Seminary, Phildalphia, Pensylvania), and a Ph.D (Fuller Seminary, Pasadena). He has published several articles on various theological issues as well being a regular contributor to Christianity Today. An ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) as well as a member of the Institute for Global Engagement, he is founder and chair of the International Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education (IFEE) and co-founder and Vice President of Gantys Aid to Widows, Orphans and Needy (GAWON). Sunday Bobai Agang is a just peacemaking advocate.

Book Information

  • Author: Sunday Bobai Agang
  • ISBN: 9781839730580
  • Category: Christian Living, Theology, Global Perspectives
  • Region: Africa
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 04/30/2021
  • Number of Pages: 86


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