Faith-Integrated Being, Knowing, and Doing


In this holistic study of the integration of faith and learning, Dr. Sarinah Lo challenges the Western tendency to privilege knowing over being and doing. In the context of Indonesian higher education, Dr. Lo addresses the cognitive, affective, spiritual, relational, and vocational aspects of human nature. She demonstrates that effective integration of faith and learning must reach beyond the academic disciplines to address the formation of a Christian perspective in all areas of life, thought, and practice.

Utilizing in-depth interviews and qualitative analysis, Dr. Lo’s field research explores the specific challenges facing Christian faculty in Indonesia, where the rise of radical Islam and the pressure to conform to state ideology raise unique questions about the nature of faith-learning integration. The first study of its kind, this is an excellent resource for educators wanting to think more broadly about what it means to follow Christ in the classroom, pushing beyond Western models of integration to embrace the more holistic approach of faith-integrated being, knowing, and doing.

About the Author

SARINAH LO has a PhD in Education Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, USA. She has worked in education for over twenty years as a teacher and an administrator, and is currently a faculty member of Bandung Theological Seminary, West Java, Indonesia.

Book Information


ISBN: 9781839730528

Category: Academic, Global Perspectives

Region: Asia

Publishing Date: 2020-08-31

Number of pages: 276

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