Demonology for the Global Church


As Christians, how do we address the contentious and often disturbing subject of demonology? Our cultural paradigms pit us between the extremes of skepticism and sensationalism. Increasingly diverse Christian communities are in desperate need of a biblical understanding of the demonic that transcends cultural frameworks – an understanding that will challenge assumptions, rebuke errors, and unite Christians in scriptural truth.

Demonology for the Global Church endeavors to provide the biblical and theological essentials for a unified Christian perspective of the demonic. Avoiding speculation and anecdotal evidence, Scott D. MacDonald roots his analysis in Scripture. He frames a biblical demonology in light of global and contextual concerns, offering an understanding that avoids the pitfalls of anti-supernaturalism and over emphasis.

If the church is to effectively overcome its spiritual adversaries, Christians from around the world must stand and resist together. This is an essential resource for the global church, relevant to students of theology, institutional scholars, cross-cultural missionaries, local pastors, and all types of Christian leaders.

About the Author

SCOTT D. MACDONALD is Academic Dean and an instructor of Theology and New Testament Studies at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia, in partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB). Throughout his studies at the University of South Africa (DTh), Stellenbosch University (MTh), and Moody Bible Institute (BA), he has cultivated an affinity for theological explorations pertaining to biblical demonology, Byang Kato (the father of African evangelicalism), pneumatology, and multicultural communities. He and his wife Michal reside in Zambia with their four children – Malachi, Adelaide, Isaiah, and Aliza.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781839732249

Category: Theology

Region: Africa, USA

Publishing Date: 2021-05-31

Number of pages: 182

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