Catalyzing Reader-Response to the Oral Gospel


Dr. Mwaniki Karura provides fresh insight into the Gospel of Mark, its audience, and its purpose in this in-depth study of the Markan text and its oral context. Through careful analysis of the rhetorical layers in Mark, Karura establishes the use of Old Testament quotations, miracle stories, and the passion narratives as tools to galvanize its readers’ response to the oral gospel they had already received. Dr. Karura demonstrates how Mark’s gospel exists as both a challenge and an encouragement, utilizing parables such as the sower and that of the wicked tenants, to reflect its readers’ own hearts. In condemning its audience’s lukewarm response to the gospel they had heard preached, it simultaneously seeks to inspire obedience, faith, and whole-hearted passion for that same gospel.

This is an excellent resource for scholars and preachers alike, as they seek to further understand the Markan text, its first-century audience, and the context of the early church.

About the Author

MWANIKI KARURA has a PhD in Theological Studies from Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya, and he has worked as a lecturer of New Testament Studies at various institutions in Kenya, including Africa International University, Pan Africa Christian University, and Saint Paul’s University. He is currently overseer and national board member of Gospel Outreach Church, where he has been involved in ministry and church planting since 1992.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781839730078

Category: Academic, Global Perspectives

Region: Africa

Publishing Date: 2020-06-30

Number of pages: 296

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