Breakfast on the Beach

by Johannes W. H. van der Bijl

All too often, we attempt to reduce the gospel narrative to a set of theological propositions. However, our faith is not rooted in the abstract realm of thought but in the tangible, sweat and blood world where we live out our calling to follow in the footsteps of Christ. The gospel is full of the real-life struggles, fears, failures, and triumphs of men and women just like us, and in this retelling of Jesus’s ministry as experienced by Simon Peter, Rev. Dr. Johannes W. H. van der Bijl invites us to encounter the gospel’s transformative power afresh.

Breakfast on the Beach is a harmonized, chronological retelling of the four Gospels that explores Jesus’s fourfold method of discipleship through its impact on his followers, especially Simon Peter. Harnessing the power of story, Johannes brings the gospel to life in new ways, emphasizing the relational nature of faith, discipleship, and what it means to follow Christ – whether in first-century Judea or in our own lives and contexts.


About the Author

JOHANNES W. H. VAN DER BIJL, DMin, originally a native of Namibia, has travelled and worked extensively in cross-cultural settings in different countries around the world. He and his wife, Louise, serve as missionaries with SAMS-USA. They have two married sons and five precious, rambunctious grandchildren.

Book Information

  • Author: Johannes W. H. van der Bijl
  • ISBN: 9781839732072
  • Category: Christian Living, Global Perspectives
  • Region: World
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 06/30/2021
  • Number of Pages: 316


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