The Conversion of Igbo Christians to Islam


Often considered a Christian heartland in Nigeria, Igboland has recently seen a dramatic increase in Igbo Christians converting to Islam. Yet, despite this rapid change, there has been minimal research into the growth of Islam in the area and the implications this has for Christianity in the region.

Addressing this need, Dr Chinyere Felicia Priest provides a detailed exploration of Igbo converts’ reasons for conversion through skilful analysis of in-depth ethnographic interviews with thirty converts, considering their social, religious, and familial backgrounds. This unique study sheds much-needed light on the role of intellectual factors in the conversion experiences of many newly Muslim Igbos and challenges previous ideas of monetary and social influences as primary motivations for conversion. As a result of her examination of these conversion experiences, Dr Priest calls for serious intellectual engagement of biblical doctrine within the Igbo church and highlights the need for ministers and missiologists to better disciple and equip Christians to adequately engage with Muslim objections to the gospel and give a reasoned defence of their faith. The vulnerability of many Igbo Christians will continue to result in converts to Islam unless the church heeds the lessons learned from this research and outlined in this book.

About the Author

FELICIA CHINYERE PRIEST is a Nigerian and holds two master’s degrees in Missions and Biblical Studies from West Africa Theological Seminary (an affiliate of the University of Nigeria Nsukka), Lagos, Nigeria. She is a PhD candidate at Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya (Intercultural Studies). Her field of research is the conversion of Christians to Islam within sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from serving as a missionary in Sudan, she served for many years as lecturer in the Mission Department of West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS), Lagos, Nigeria. She is equally a Teaching Assistant in Africa International University, Nairobi.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781783687794

Category: Academic

Region: Africa

Publishing Date: 2020-04-30

Number of pages: 204

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