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Our ignorance of the truth can wreak terrible havoc in people’s lives and in communities. Without a solid biblical understanding of disability, how can church leaders combat harmful attitudes and beliefs both within the church and the community to which they minister? Without a basic understanding of common disabilities, how can churches equip those with a disability and encourage greater inclusion in church and community life? This comprehensive guide to disability and the church will give theology students, pastors and church leaders the introduction they need to effectively minister in their churches and communities. Focused on the African context, but with lessons and information that are useful in many regions, this book is a valuable resource to help churches and practitioners grow in maturity and effectiveness.

About the Author

BRIDGET HATHAWAY has an MSc in Community Disability Studies from the Institute of Child Health at University College London, UK. After beginning her career as a teacher in the UK, over the last three decades Bridget has been a Crosslinks Mission Partner working amongst people with disability. Since 2011 she has been an advisor in disability programmes, working in various countries in Africa and Asia.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781783686131

Category: Equipping Leaders, Global Perspectives

Region: Africa

Publishing Date: 2019-06-30

Number of pages: 162

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