Finding Hagar

by Michael F. Kuhn

Finding Hagar probes the relentless pursuit by the Living God of a fugitive woman who falls outside the line of his chosen people. This pursuit ensures Hagar’s destiny by giving her an identity as one who is seen and known by God himself. Often recognized as one of the Bible’s most powerful stories of God’s love – this book is a reminder of God’s abundant grace towards all people at a time when there is much division and animosity towards the descendants of Hagar.


About the Author

MICHAEL F. KUHN and his family were privileged to call Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon “home” for nearly thirty years. Most recently he taught Biblical Theology and Discipleship at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon. He has a PhD in Muslim-Christian Relations from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK, and master’s degrees in Theology and Arabic Language and Literature (AUC).

Book Information

  • Author: Michael F. Kuhn
  • ISBN: 9781783686476
  • Category: Christian Living
  • Region: Middle East
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 08/14/2019
  • Number of Pages: 130


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