Dialogue of Life

by Khee-Vun Lin

The status of the global church is often that of a sociopolitical minority, at odds politically, religiously, and socially with the nations that encompass it. In such contexts, where Christians find themselves facing oppression, isolation, and challenging questions of identity, how is the church to faithfully uphold its missional calling?

In this in-depth study of Chinese Christians living in Sabah, Malaysia, Dr. Khee-Vun Lin engages missiology and political theology to address the practical implications of incarnational mission in contexts where national identity exclude Christians from the public discourse. Examining the political and religious history of Malaysia, including the impact of colonialism, nationalism, and Islamization, Dr. Lin provides a powerful explication of the theological and practical foundations for utilizing social engagement as a tool of incarnational mission. Whether living under oppressive hegemonic control or the shadow of secular governments turned hostile to Christian values, it is through embracing incarnational identity that Christians can authentically engage both nation-building and evangelism to the good of their neighbor and the glory of God.


About the Author

Book Information

  • Author: Khee-Vun Lin
  • ISBN: 9781839732171
  • Category: Christian Living, Academic
  • Region: Asia
  • Publisher: Langham Publishing
  • Publishing Date: 03/31/2021
  • Number of Pages: 220


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