Tim Green

TIM GREEN grew up in the UK. After graduating in natural sciences from Cambridge University he worked in the textile industry, and then with his spouse, Rachel, trained at All Nations Christian College (England) before arriving in Pakistan in 1988 to serve in the national TEE organization, the Open Theological Seminary. After fifteen years, his TEE experience continued in Jordan, then part-time with Increase from 2008 and helping support the new TEE work in Central Asia. He moved to Malaysia in 2014 and was General Secretary of the Increase Association from 2015 to 2021. He is a trustee of SEAN International which published his TEE courses Abundant Light and Feed My Lambs. Tim’s other published courses include Friendship First, Joining the Family and Come Follow Me as well as parts of TEE in Asia and other writings on TEE. In his capacity as an Increase Equipper, he also trains TEE course writers. Tim holds a Diploma in Religious Studies from Cambridge University, a master’s in Islamic Societies and Cultures, and a PhD on issues of identity for former Muslims following Jesus (both degrees from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). He is currently Director of Word of Life which helps the worldwide church to welcome, disciple, and learn from Christ’s followers of Muslim background. He has three children and three grandchildren.